Expertise acquired over time

Since 2005, Satine has cultivated an expertise and know-how in jewelry that is reflected in every piece of its collection. Timelessness, at the heart of Satine's philosophy, has become a signature of the company.


Made of Stainless Steel

Over the years, high-grade stainless steel has become the material of choice for timeless, elegant and durable jewelry that is destined to be cherished for years to come. Jewelry is designed to last, to transcend passing trends and to be enjoyed for years to come.


Classic and Timeless Designs

True to its core values since 2005, the company has been able to renew itself while offering relevant collections. Each collection reflects an aesthetic that transcends fashion and is imbued with classic elegance.


Come discover our collection of stainless steel jewelry for wholesale, distributed in France and Europe, but also internationally.

We are located in Paris suburbs, at the Fashion Center, wholesale shopping center in Aubervilliers.


Store Adress:

Fashion Center, 70 Av. Victor Hugo 1st Floor Lot 99-102

93300 Aubervilliers

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Opening Hours

Open from Monday to Friday 09:00–18:30 and Saturday 14:00–18:00